Never Repeat a Repeat X-ray

“Re-positioning is an area of radiography that is seldom explored. Anything that can provide a deeper understanding about repeating x-rays to a higher standard is very beneficial.”Karl Nottage, Senior Radiographer & Student Tutor.

Hi, and thanks for reading. I’m Callum Birch, a Diagnostic Radiographer and the founder of PocketRad.

When I had to repeat an x-ray as a student, it really knocked my confidence. I felt responsible for ‘harming’ my patient. And I felt pressured to make sure that the next image was diagnostic.

When I was rushed off my feet, patient screaming with pain and unable move… standard positioning just wasn’t enough!! I was constantly having to identify new ways of correcting a poor quality image.

So I bust my gut learning how to re-position. And it worked! I found myself repeating fewer x-rays and dishing out less radiation (always a bonus!!). My confidence grew. Exponentially. I now feel in control. I know at the start of every x-ray examination that, even if it’s tough, and I need to repeat, that I can at least limit the damage by understanding EXACTLY how to re-position!

But I struggled to find the resources that I needed. I learnt through trial and error, and spent hours and hours searching textbooks and websites. To save you the legwork, I’ve put together what I learnt into a re-positioning guide. It’s to help you with open mouth AP peg x-rays, and you can download it for free below! You’ll also receive occasional blog updates and other free radiography goodies (unsubscribe any time)…

“Very practical, helpful and easy to understand. A ‘must-have’ for radiographers!”Ana Monteiro, Diagnostic Technologist.

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